About Science Pub RVA

Science Pub RVA connects curious citizens and creative scientists over a sip of some sort. No science background is needed. Participants/attendees can just hang out and listen-in, or help create the conversation by asking questions and adding their thoughts and experiences. Science Pub RVA welcomes everyone, encourages curiosity & aspires for conversation. Programs are designed for non-scientists to engage with an interesting topic, connect with a local scientist and enjoy the company of friends & strangers in a relaxing atmosphere. 


By far, the most gratifying accolades we receive are comments and notes from people expressing enjoyment and appreciation for having been to a Science Pub RVA event. Other distinctions include:

Event locations

Science Pub RVA moves about town. Send an email to sciencepubrva@gmail.com if you’d like to be a venue host or suggest a location

Series/Program/Event Sponsors Needed

Are you thirsty to connect with people who love to learn and discuss ideas? Enthusiastic about promoting meaningful dialogue in our community? Eager to champion scientific understanding?  A little can go a long way. Science Pub RVA welcomes sponsors and hosts for a single event, a small series or a full season of programming.

Don’t be shy. Email sciencepubrva@gmail.com to learn more.

Mission Statement

Broaden the Richmond citizenry that is informed by science, convinced of its value and engaged with its applications.


Inspired by news of similar opportunities in other cities, science enthusiast and educator Cynthia Gibbs founded this citizen-led science café in and for the Richmond community. Science Pub RVA held its first public event in June 2012 and has since engaged more than 1,400 curious minds at 23 public events. Science Pub RVA has collaborated with and presented researchers, educators and practitioners from NASA Langley, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Randolph-Macon College, University of Richmond, Virginia’s Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Smithsonian Institution and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Got more questions? Check out the FAQ page


Science Pub RVA #4      October 2012
                                                                                             Photo by:  Cynthia J. Gibbs     All Rights Reserved


Other Active Science Cafes in Virginia

Science Straight Up in Charlottesville – founded in Spring 2013 and organized by The University of Virginia

Science Bites in Danville – founded in Spring 2013 and organized by The Danville Science Center

A Scientist Walks Into A Bar  in Hampton – founded in 2014 and organized by The Virginia. Institute of. Marine Science

Shuttered science cafes, due to lack of funding

Cafe Scientifique Arlington

NASA Langley’s Science Cafe

Cafe Scientifique Blacksburg

Science and Reason, Hampton Roads
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