March 27 – Nailing The Neutron

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Over a sip of some sort and in an atmosphere where no science background is needed, peer inside the neutron’s mysteries with a Virginia Union University scientist exploring tiny things in big equipment at The Jefferson Lab.

Particle physics doesn’t just take place in Europe. A dynamic research program thrives in Hampton Roads. Narbe Kalantarians will talk about recent and planned studies exploring the neutron, why the research matters, and why’s he’s passionate about particles.

Dr. Narbe Kalantarians, Assistant Professor of Physics at Virginia Union University

When not immersed in teaching or research at The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jlab), Dr. Kalantarians enjoys billiards, playing golf and crafting his own beer. He earned his degrees at the University of Houston, then came to Virginia to finalize his particle physics graduate studies and never really left. His post-doc work was at the University of Virginia and Hampton University and he received Jlab’s Jefferson Science Associates’ Promising Young Scientist Award in 2012. On top of running experiments and analyses, including assisting with a study at the Japanese Proton Accelerator Research Complex, Dr. Kalantarians has built particle detectors. He’s delighted to have landed in Richmond and is looking forward to walking into an RVA bar for science.

Room for 80 curious minds – No registration needed – Seating on a first-come basis

Monday, March 27, 2017
The Camel      1621 West Broad Street Richmond, VA 23220

5:45   Doors Open
7:00  Cheers & Introductions
7:25  Q&A Discussion
8:00  Program Concludes

As always, we’ll have some social tables.  So, if you’re flying solo and keen to meet other curious minds, let us know when you arrive.  In the meantime use #SciPubRVA to get social with us on Twitter and Instagram

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What time should I arrive?
Whenever it works best for you. Some folks come early and enjoy a drink and/or a bite. Other show up just before the program’s start. Capacity varies by venue and seating is on a first-come basis.

How do I get there?
Click here for a map. Carpooling and public transportation (Click here to plan your GRTC trip) are always good ideas.  Street parking is available in the neighborhood and our venue host says that you can park without hassle or expense in the Lowes lot across the street. 

Do I have to be 21?
Not this time. All Science Pubs are designed for adult audiences. Most times, that simply means 18 and over. When we’re in a 21+ venue, we’ll make that clear.

I don’t drink alcohol, do you ever have any non-pub events?
Pub is in our name, but sipping on a glass of water is completely copacetic. Our focus is more about enjoying the night’s topic and each other, and less about whatever liquids are in hand. While we’re often in bars, it’s not always the case. Subscribe below for emails and we’ll send location and other details to you two weeks before each event.

Will there be food?
The venue has a full menu. They’d love to serve you dinner. Though, ordering food and drink is not a requirement for attending Science Pub.