Informal lecture and discussion series that takes place in bars, restaurants, and other non-academic venues in the greater Richmond area.

We work with researchers and educators and develop programs that bring concepts, processes, and findings out of the lab and into public sphere.  We strengthen scientists’ abilities to communicate what they do, what they know, and why it matters.

Programs produced by Science Pub RVA aspire to broaden the Richmond citizenry that is informed by science, convinced of its value, and engaged with its applications.

Programs feature one or more experts on a scientific topic, short presentations, and a longer question and discussion period for the non-scientific public to explore whatever aspects of the topic most pique their curiosity.

Science Pub RVA was founded in 2012 by Cynthia Gibbs of Absorb Something Productions LLC.  Your Community Idea Stations began presenting Science Pub RVA programs in December 2015 as part of its community engagement efforts within its Science Matters initiative to inspire people to value science and to understand its importance to our future.

Series & Event Sponsors Needed (opportunities begin at $500)
Thirsty to connect with savvy people who love to learn, are engaged in the community and value scientific thought?

We invite you to sponsor a single Science Pub RVA program, a short series within the year, the entire Science Pub RVA season, or the Science Matters initiative as a whole. 

Science Pub RVA moves about town so that the science pub experience reaches folks throughout the greater Richmond area.  

Speakers / Discussion Leaders
If you conduct research in the greater Richmond area, are keen to connect with the public, and are open to collaboration, be in touch!

Make Contact
Interested in sponsorship opportunities?  Curious about what it takes to be a venue host? Want to walk into a bar to present science?  Have another question?  Send an email to sciencepub@ideastations.org.