Mission, Programs & Partnerships

Science Pub RVA is a program of Science Matters, an award-winning educational initiative of The Community Idea Stations.  Science Pub RVA connects curious minds and creative scientists over a sip of some sort.  We work with researchers and educators to develop programs that bring scientific concepts, processes and findings out of the lab and into the public sphere in a way that encourages the public to engage with scientific ideas.  We strengthen scientists’ abilities to communicate what they do, what they know, and why it matters.  Programs produced by Science Pub RVA serve our mission to broaden the Richmond citizenry that is informed by science, convinced of its value, and engaged with its applications.  Science Pub RVA has showcased 38 scientific thinkers from a variety of disciplines and institutions and partnered with The Chesterfield County Public Library and VCU’s Science, Technology and Society program to expand the reach of their respective science lecture series.

Series & Event Sponsors Needed
If you are thirsty to connect with savvy people who love to learn, are engaged in the community and value scientific thought, we invite you to become a sponsor of a single Science Pub RVA program, a short series, the entire Science Pub RVA season, or the Science Matters initiative as a whole. 

Science Pub RVA moves about town so that the science cafe experience reaches folks throughout the greater Richmond area.  

Speakers / Discussion Leaders
If you conduct research in the greater Richmond area and are keen to connect with the public about some fascinating science, we’d love to hear from you.

Make Contact
Interested in sponsorship opportunities?  Curious about what it takes to be a venue host? Want to an walk into a bar for science?  Have another question?  Send an email to sciencepub@ideastations.org.