Science Pub RVA is an environment — an opportunity for curious minds to gather and discuss science topics over a sip of some sort.

Are these events for scientists?
Quite the opposite — no science background is needed!
Programs are intentionally informal and are designed for folks who classify themselves as “not really into science” as well as science enthusiasts.

Is it a club?
No. But, we love being called a fun place to hang out!
Science Pub RVA program are free and welcome curious minds of all kinds.

What’s the format?
The format can vary, but most frequently a scientific thinker gives a 15 to 20-minute, jargon-free talk and the remainder of our time is spent in Q&A.  Regardless of the program’s structure, an open discussion of the scientific subject always comprises the bulk of the evening.

I don’t drink alcohol.  Do you have any non-pub events?
Pub is in our name, but sipping on a glass of water is completely copacetic.  Our focus is more about enjoying the night’s topic and each other and less about whatever liquids are in hand.

Are kids allowed?
By design, Science Pub RVA programs are for adult audiences 18+, and we’re often in venues that are 21 & up.

Got another question?  Check out our About page or send an email to cj.gibbs@absorbsomething.com