Cocktails & Mocktails

What might you pair with your thirst for knowledge?

Cheers and thanks to three local bartenders who submitted suggestions for our first virtual pub happening June 9. Also posted below is an NPR Life Kit video with three mocktails to try.

Alternatively, enjoy the new reality of Cocktails-To-Go and order drinks for delivery or pick up. Check out BLK RVA’s list of 66 restaurants at BLK RVA and the Richmond Times-Dispatch list of open RVA restaurants.

Painkiller by Brooke Flowers of Island Shrimp Co. at Chesterfield Town Center

Johnny Takes A Walk by Nasib Saifullah of Nama in the Arts District

The Old Fashioned by Brandon Peck of The Jasper in Carytown

The Modern Mocktail: Three zero-proof cocktails from NPR’s Life Kit — a botanical water Collins, basil fennel tonic water and a kombucha-based cocktail.