Are these events for scientists?
Quite the opposite.  Science Pub RVA nights are created for non-scientists — no science background is needed!

What’s the format?
The format can vary, but most frequently a scientific thinker gives a 15 to 20-minute, jargon-free talk and the remainder of our time is spent in Q&A.  Regardless of the program’s structure, an open discussion of the scientific subject always comprises the bulk of the evening.

I don’t drink alcohol.  Do you have any non-pub events?
Pub is in our name, but sipping on a glass of water is completely copacetic.  Our focus is more about enjoying the night’s topic and each other and less about whatever liquids are in hand.

Is Science Pub RVA a club?  Do I need to be a member?

No, we are not a club — but we love that people think of us as a fun place to hang out! 

Voluntary contributions fund our doings — be a backer by kicking some cash into the beaker each time you attend.  Better still,  become a sustaining member of (or increase your support to) The Community Idea Stations. experience events nightlife

Are kids allowed?
By design, Science Pub RVA programs are for adult audiences 18+, and we’re often in venues that are 21 & up.

Got a question?  Check out our About page or send an email to sciencepub@ideastations.org