Are these events for scientists?
Quite the opposite — no science background is needed! Science enthusiasts comprise the largest portion of audiences, but folks who think of themselves as “not that into science” are our secret target audience.

What’s the format?
The format can vary, but an open discussion of the scientific subject comprises the bulk of the evening. Often, a scientific thinker gives a 15 to 20-minute, jargon-free talk, and the remainder of an hour is spent in Q&A. 

When is the next one?
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I don’t drink alcohol.  Do you have any non-pub events?
Pub is in our name, but sipping on a glass of water is completely copacetic.  Our focus is more about enjoying the night’s topic and each other and less about whatever liquids are in hand.

Is Science Pub RVA part of VPM, central Virginia’s PBS and NPR station?
We have returned to our roots as an independent organization when our five-season partnership with VPM’s Science Matters initiative concluded in 2020.

Are kids allowed?
By design, Science Pub RVA programs are for adult audiences 18+, and we’re often in venues that are 21 & up.

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