Are these events for scientists?
Quite the opposite — no science background is needed! Most gatherings succeed in attracting a good number of folks who think of themselves as “not that science” as well as those who self-classify as “science enthusiasts”.

What’s the format?
The format can vary, but an open discussion of the scientific subject comprises the bulk of the evening. Often, a scientific thinker gives a 10 to 20-minute, jargon-free talk, and the remainder of an hour is spent in Q&A.

When was SPRVA’s first public event and when is the next one?
2012 and TBD — Subscribe for notifications and we’ll email you prior to future pubs.

I don’t drink alcohol.  Do you have any non-pub events?
Pub is in our name, but sipping on a glass of water is completely copacetic. Our focus is on enjoying the night’s topic and each other and not about whatever liquids are in hand.

Are kids allowed?
Science Pub RVA programs are designed for adult audiences 18+ and we’re sometimes in venues that are 21 & up.

Who puts on Science Pub RVA events?
Each program is collaboratively developed by the featured scientific thinker(s) and the team at Absorb Something Productions LLC.

Who typically works with Science Pub RVA?

  • Individual scientific thinkers and teams wishing to advance their science communication skills.
  • Institutions and scientific teams wishing to collaboratively define goals, strategize approaches, and develop either engaging grant-specific broader impact activities or general outreach programs including live or virtual programs for adults and/or digital media campaigns for any age groups. Past collaborators include The Smithsonian, The World Science Festival, Virginia Commonwealth University’s STS Program, The Science Museum of Western Virginia, and WGBH Education, producers of NOVA and other PBS shows.
  • Businesses, non-profits partners, and venues who share Science Pub RVA’s goal to provide intellectual nightlife opportunities in the greater Richmond area featuring local or national creative scientific thinkers. Past partners include Pew Research Center, The Chesterfield County Public Library, Mr. and Mrs. Joel H. Dugan, and VPM, Central Virginia’s NPR and PBS affiliate stations.