Videos & Playlists

Sometimes, we select specific tunes to align with the evening’s theme.  To listen to recent playlists, click images below.  To be notified of future playlists, follow us on Spotify HERE.

SciPubRVA#50 Twin Studies & Street Drugs   SciPubRVA#49-Donating Bodies   Untitled   Spotify Bees

Spotify - Oct 30 2018 (1)   Science-Pub-RVA-Spotify-Urban-Ag   Spotify Playlist Sports Technology   Spotify Playlist Sexual Conflict

Science Pub RVA Videos

As part of our NSF-funded Research project with VCU’s Science, Technology, and Society Program, we had the fun of hosting scholars from around the country to present some history and philosophy perspectives on science in the U.S.  All eight of these special programs were recorded.  The first seven are ready to enjoy!  Find them below in chronological order.  Watch, listen, comment, and share!

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