December 4, 2013: Manufacturing Movement

Science Pub RVA #16

Manufacturing Movement: 3D printing & dynamic scale modeling @ NASA Langley

NASA and the aerospace industry have been explorers and then early adopters of alternative fabrication technologies of 3-d printing (aka ‘additive manufacturing’) in testing aircraft and spacecraft design.  Now, 3-d printing is a key part of the aerospace industry.  Chris Savage oriented us to the different types of additive manufacturing as well as dynamic modeling happening at NASA Langley Aeronautical Research Center and what’s involved in “making stuff” for wind tunnel testing and ensuring safety.

Chris Savage

Mechanical Engineering Technician
Advanced Fabrication Processes Section of the Engineering Directorate
NASA Langley Research Center

Chris works closely with engineers and researchers in the aerospace industry to create accurate and affordable models that are used for testing as well as replacement parts. Savage has also machined various metal parts for many NASA projects; including several that flew such as PA-1, Ares-1X, and STORRM.  Lately he’s been specializing in additive manufacturing (aka 3-d printing for industry).