November 12, 2013: Innovation Cafe

Science Pub RVA #15

Science Fiction or Science Fact

Karla M. Mossi discussed scientific advancements that were once merely science fiction and some of the science behind how that’s been possible.

This special event came about because SciencePub RVA was one of 30 science cafes in the United States selected by WGBH/NOVA Education to host an “Innovation Cafe” to spark conversations in communities nationwide about the materials that are transforming our world.  The success of this program inspired The Community Idea Stations to institute an annual Dissecting Science program.

Watch Science Matters’ two-minute video about the event here.

And read Ruth Intress’s recap of the event here.

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Karla Mossi, PhD

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering of Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Mossi is an enthusiastic researcher and educator who became a U.S. citizen in 2005, enjoys eating apple pies and visiting national parks when she can with her 6-year-old son.  At Virginia Commonwealth University, she works as an Associate Professor and the Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Engineering’s Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering.  Dr. Mossi focuses her research on electrical and mechanical characterization of smart materials and their applications in aerospace, automotive, medical and electrical fields.  This multidisciplinary field involves materials and their response to different environments and the variation of their properties under different temperatures and boundary conditions (fluid mechanics, controls, equivalent circuits, mechanics of materials).  Dr. Mossi holds a Bachelor of Science in from the National University of Honduras and her MS and PhD are from Old Dominion University in Mechanical Engineering.  She had five years of industrial experience as the Director of Research and Development at FACE Corporation prior to joining VCU in 2001.