January 28, 2014: Forgotten Pools

Science Pub RVA #17

Forgotten Pools

Anne Wright, a stream ecologist, discussed some local wetland science, working with historical data and the coordinating collaborative vernal pool research with VCU, William and Mary and more than 80 citizen scientists volunteering through the Virginia Master Naturalist program.

Anne Wright

Anne Wright is Virginia Commonwealth University’s Coordinator of Life Sciences Outreach Education and an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department. Anne’s focus is aquatic ecology; she has an extensive research background in stream ecology, benthic macroinvertebrates, and water quality monitoring.  As an outreach educator, Anne works with numerous local and regional schools and community groups and is currently running multi-year projects on vernal pools, sturgeon migration, and mesocosm/carbon dynamics. Anne develops outreach programs for the Inger and Walter Rice Center and Biology. She has co-developed and taught courses in VA and in Baja, Mexico and has received a variety of honors and awards including the Thomas Jefferson Medal for Outstanding Contributions for Natural Science Education.  In addition to applying her creative energies to research and education, Anne has a passion for art and possesses an MFA in sculpture.


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