October 7, 2014: Big Data & Your Microbiome

Science Pub RVA #20

Big Data and Your Microbiome
Getting to know your fellow travelers

Through the Human Microbiome Project we have learned that we’re not just us, we’re also trillions of microorganisms within us and upon us. Since that initial census, research teams have been mining a lot of big data to further explore the relationships that are key to our good health or may be critical players in disease. Participants absorbed some things about how big data is used in research, how it is shaping scientific investigations, and what’s been learned to date about the microorganisms taking up some of our personal real estate.

Jennifer M. Fettweis, PhD
Project Director, Vaginal Human Microbiome Project
Microbiology and Immunology Department
Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Fettweis is a Richmond city dweller, scooter enthusiast, photographer and avid yoga practitioner. She studied mathematics and economics at the University of Virginia and completed her PhD in Microbiology and Immunology at VCU.

Jennifer Fettweis explores the interactions in the host-microbiome system and women’s health with an emphasis on understanding the role of uncultivated and uncharacterized species in health and disease. She coordinates two large interdisciplinary projects funded through the National Institute of Health’s Human Microbiome Project focused on women’s health, pregnancy and preterm birth: the Vaginal Human Microbiome Consortium and the Multi-Omic Microbiome Study-Pregnancy Initiative (MOMS-PI). Additionally, she recently founded the Research Alliance for Microbiome Science (RAMS) Registry to promote collaborative efforts to accelerate research in the field.


#VAtalksBigData as part of #VAsciencfest
#VAtalksBigData as part of #VAsciencfest