November 5 2014: Brain Myths & Facts

Science Pub RVA #21

Brain Myths, Mysteries and Facts

Rather than a set program, neuroscientist Mark Reimers bravely asked “What’s on your mind?” and led an entirely question-based Science Pub experience. A lot of territory was covered including how Reimers conducts research, to learning what current scientific evidence can tell us about brain food, schizophrenia, memory and consciousness. 

Mark Reimers, PhD
Researcher and Assistant Professor
Virginia Institute for Psychiatric Genetics
Virginia Commonwealth University

Bicyclist, humanist, mathematician, scientist and a strong advocate of communicating science with the public. Perhaps you’ve heard him around town talk about the evolution of brains, the biological basis for morality or participated in thought-provoking conversations offered by Richmond Humanists, of which Dr. Reimers is President. Mark obtained his PhD in mathematics from the University of British Columbia in Canada, and researches brain function by integrating statistics, computing, and neurobiology. He has worked at the National Institutes of Health, the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and is currently with the Virginia Institute for Psychiatric Genetics where his focus is analyzing and interpreting very large data sets in the fields of neuroscience and genomics.