June 23, 2015: Sturgeon

Science Pub RVA #26 

Fishing for Evidence: Sturgeon in the James River

Matt Balazik, PhD
Dr. Balazik grew up near Bailey’s Creek, a Northeast flowing stream that joins the James River two miles southeast of the Appomattox’s entry. Matt’s an avid diver (scuba and free diving) and a favorite land-based pastime is playing rugby. Matt is involved with a variety of fish ecology and biology studies including riverine fisheries, American eels, striped bass and blue catfish,. However, Matt is most well-known for his research on Atlantic sturgeon, a designated endangered species in the Chesapeake Bay. In recognition of his scientific contributions in our community, the James River Association named him a “James River Hero. You can read all about one of Matt’s points of discussion for the night in an article published on May 28th by PLOS One.


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