August 21, 2016 – Citizen Science From the Cosmos to the Faucets of Flint Michigan

Science Pub RVA #36

We heard three distinct perspectives about the growing world of citizen science in our community and beyond.  

How to contribute to science without really trying — Justin Bartel

How a pebble of effort turns into a tidal wave of valuable data  — James Beckley

Flint Water Study from the frontlines with citizen scientists — Anurag Mantha


Anurag Mantha Twitter  Facebook
Anurag is from Hyderabad, India , loves to travel and dreams of owning a restaurant.  Though his Netflix data reveals more of his interest in military history than his foodie inclinations.  Anurag is a PhD student at
Virginia Tech University’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and is part of the Flint Water Study, an independent research team led by Dr. Marc EdwardsHis masters research was on drinking water treatment for a type of chromium that results from industrial processes in the U.S. and around the world. 

James Beckley  YouTube
James has been involved with various aspects of water and conservation efforts since earning a B.S. in biology from Longwood College.  Currently working as a Quality Assurance Coordinator for the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, he digs deep into data evaluation and provides technical assistance for citizen volunteer water quality monitoring programs.  His quirky YouTube training videos on the subject of water quality and citizen monitoring provide a glimpse into his sense of humor.

Justin Bartel  Twitter
Justin has lived in Kansas (home base), Arizona (for his B.S. in Astronomy), Colorado and Florida and landed in Richmond in 2013.  Despite all the moving, he remains a devotee of the Detroit Red Wings and loves to talk about hockey.  Justin is an Immersive Experience Specialist at the Science Museum of Virginia where he  works to bring up-to-the-minute news and brilliant views of the universe down to Earth.