September 21, 2016 — Is Economic Science an Oxymoron?

Science Pub RVA #38

Dr. Millner discussed how laboratory experiments are conducted in the field of experimental economics and we discussed what some of the findings reveal about human behavior, rationality, generosity and economic “laws”.

Dr. Edward L. Millner
Dr. Millner is a beer brewer (and blogger) and regularly commutes via bicycle to his work as a professor of economics at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Additionally, he loves to tour by bike and has traveled on the C&O Canal Towpath, the Great Allegheny Passage, the Washington and Old Dominion trail, and  across the USA in 2013.  Having conducted his first economic experiment as an undergraduate student at Hampden-Sydney College, his interest was rekindled when the Department of Economics at VCU established the Experimental Laboratory of Economic and Business Research.  Dr. Millner earned his doctorate in economics at the University of North Carolina and his research interests include altruism, social preferences, philanthropy, decision-making in the face of uncertainty, and economic analysis of business strategies and tactics. 



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