April 12, 2017 — Battery Nanotechnology

Science Pub RVA #42

Over a sip of some sort and in an atmosphere where no science background was needed, we discussed the world of nano-technology moving us toward a big future.

No technological challenge is more important for future generations than finding clean energy solutions. Hear about and discuss research exploring the fascinating worlds of nano-materials and nano-technology and how they’re involved in the quest to harness, store and transport clean energy.

Dr. Puru Jena loves to teach and travel, and takes every opportunity he gets to play with his 2-year old granddaughter in Boston. A distinguished professor of physics at Virginia Commonwealth University, he received his early education in India and PhD in Physics from the University of California at Riverside. Jena has two primary research focuses: finding materials to best harness and store solar energy in non-toxic batteries, and investigating the use of hydrogen as a transportation fuel. With the exception of a year when Dr. Jena was the director of the materials theory program at the National Science Foundation, and another year as Jefferson Science Fellow and senior Science Advisor at the US Department of State, he has been on VCU’s physics faculty since 1980. Dr. Jena is the author of 13 books, nearly 600 scientific papers, and two patents. Among many honors, Dr. Jena has been presented a Presidential Medallion, recognized by our Commonwealth as one of Virginia’s Outstanding Scientists, and received several institutional accolades including being named Outstanding Faculty of the Commonwealth of Virginia and VCU’s Award of Excellence.